Step 1: Discuss the project with the best designers. Our experts develops and offers exclusive interior concepts.

Step 2: make a planning decision. We will consider arranging a room with competent spatial planning, according to your wishes and building regulations.

Step 3: selection of materials and decoration. We choose the best interior elements, which certainly fall into the concept, palette and nature of future design.

Step 4: 3D visualization of projects. You will see the future interior in all details in photorealistic quality and also appreciate the compatibility of materials, furniture, decoration and color schemes.

Step 5: Preparation of working documentation. We are developing an exhaustive package drawings, specifications and documents with explanation of the brigade builders.

Residential architect price

Professional visualization of 3D projects

Visualization of 3D projects. Are you a home builder in the Czech Republic? You need professional marketing materials to sell your properties even before putting the project into operation. Then you are on the right site. We are ready to create any 3D picture of a house, interior or landscape according to your wishes.

Thanks to the great experience and the number of 3D pages implemented, our projects look very realistic.

Visualization of 3D projects

  • 3D visualization of the interior
  • 3D visualization of the house
  • 3D Landscape

Price from 15 $ / m2

Cost of the project of interior design in Prague

Interior Design Prague. Trust us, our task is to make people happy. We create interiors for life, not for a beautiful picture, although we manage to combine the first and the second into one harmonious space.

A small bar or a huge restaurant, a cozy apartment or a huge house is not important for us, we put love into every project, we create it not only according to the latest trends, but above all so that a person is comfortable in the interior created by us.

  • Interior concept
  • Architectural planning solution
  • 3d visualization of the project
  • Author’s supervision
  • Furniture assembly
  • Consultations
Price from 490 CZK / m2

Renovation of premises in Prague.

Our team of builders is ready to fulfill any task in the construction.

Many years of experience in conducting and monitoring construction work in the Czech Republic allowed us to select some of the best specialists in the Czech construction market. We work with responsible suppliers who are responsible for the guarantee for their material and the quality meets all international standards.

  • Redecorating
  • Construction of houses
  • Painted work
  • Decorative plaster of walls
  • Carpentry work
  • Welding works
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Construction supervision

The price depends on the amount of work